Your world is a treasure map, join now and find some loot!

hero image of geohunt geocache

What is geohunt?

Experience the thrill of a real-world treasure hunt, with virtual checkpoints scattered across the globe there is always something for you to find. Play by yourself or with friends for fun and collect points, find loot, win games and level up! Geohunt is perfect to spice up your walks, bike rides and trips. A fun thing to do together with your children and your family, in addition, with a great chance to find some well-deserved loot.

Awesome experience

“I got hooked the first time I tried Geohunt, the excitement I feel when the checkpoint is getting closer and my phone starts pulsating is awesome. It makes me go out more often just to do random hunts and on top of that I already found some great loot while playing.”

Johan Stavsjö

beta tester

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